We offer our clients the following services :-
  • Plan trips – Time-consuming tasks of looking for the right packages/destinations.
  • Run errands- Pick up laundry, plan/make dinner reservations, trips to the bank/renew road taxes, etc....
  • Child minding/picking up your child from school/childcare centre when you have a late meeting.
  • Planning birthdays/events.
  • Take care of your pets, plants and house when you are overseas.
  • To be the key holder at your residence when you call for a repairman/aircon service man.
Our Mission :
We seek to provide services to our client's satisfaction.
  • Friendly
  • Reliable
  • Enjoyable
  • Efficient
With today's busy schedules and lifestyles, we are glad to assist you to ease your load as busy parents and free you from time-consuming errands.